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The Consumer Generated Music Video


The early 80’s introduced the music video to the masses via MTV. The music television channel was the first station to offer 24 hour-a-day music videos to the masses. The music industry embraced the music video concept and started pumping videos on a weekly basis. The successful adoption of cable TV by US consumers and the development of relatively low cost and easy to use video recording/editing equipment were the catalyst that made MTV and the music video in specific very successful.

As the popularity of the music video grew so did the cost of making them. Music videos seemed to outdo one another by increasing production costs and special effects. The growth and popularity of music video caused their budgets to increase and resemble a major motion picture operation. In addition, by 1992 directors of music videos were getting recognition and their names were being listed in the song credits.


photo by Rob Lee

The internet boom, in particular the growth and popularity of videos being viewed, rated, and uploaded onto internet platforms such as Youtube and Metacafe have caused a major shift in consumer viewer ship and interaction. Consumers can now choose which music videos they wish to view, rate , and write commentary about them.

In addition, consumers have become producers of music videos themselves. Todays youth have access to tools needed to create their own music video. With the help of a camcorder, computer, and some basic editing and internet knowledge anyone can produce a music video. This form of consumer generated media (CGM) has become extremely popular among todays internet savvy youth and should be taken noted by the music industry.


photo by Rob Lee

Some of the top videos on Youtube were produced by consumers. A great example of a consumer generated music video can be seen below. The producer of this music video used a song by Daft Punk and their bare hands in order to create this CGM masterpiece that was viewed by 11,884,528 people on Youtube. The name of this music video is called Daft Hands and was produced by FrEckleStudios.

The music industry will not stop producing music videos in the near future. Instead the music industry should encourage this CGM movement and find ways to collaborate with it and embrace the content that the consumer is creating for the music label. The benefits of using CGM are threefold:

1. Low production costs

2. Provides consumers with positive feedback and encourages them to continue creating original content for the music label

3. CGM content is viewed by other consumers as not being tarnished by corporate agendas and has a stronger “word of mouth” effect


photo by coey.kerr

Overal, embracing consumer generated content will assist music labels in promoting their music and increasing its reach to consumers in a effective and economical manner.

Martin Fuchs

CGM analyst/planner


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